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Canteen is held each Wednesday providing sandwiches for students and staff.

Canteen is an integral part of the in-school work experience program for our older secondary students and its success is dependent on your support.

Aqua Class prepare the salad items by slicing cucumbers and tomatoes, peeling and grating carrots, washing lettuce, opening cans of beetroot and tearing lengths of greaseproof paper for wrapping the sandwiches. They also collate the orders and count the money.

Hygiene is essential with all students wearing hair nets, gloves and aprons. Tongs are used to place salad items on the bread. Washing the dishes and drying them is all part of the canteen process too.

Aqua Class enjoy making a variety of sandwiches for staff and fellow students. Their sandwich making skills and dishwashing skills improve greatly as the year progresses.

Please see the attached price list for our wide variety of sandwiches available each week.

Canteen Price List