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How it works at school

PBEL helped is to establish systems, practices and reinforce a data-aware culture that can maximise outcomes for students and teachers. 

PBEL promotes positive student behaviour by building a consistent approach from every staff member to apply effective school-wide behaviour systems. 

PBEL works to improve student engagement and learning by increasing 'on-task' behaviour and decreasing distractions in the learning environment.  PBEL has assisted us to deliver the highest quality learning programs to improve student academic and behavioural learning outcomes. 

PBEL works at school by:

  • using common language for behaviour used by all staff and paired with visuals.
  • teaching social skills and behaviour programs linked to our three expectations.
  • focusing on the positive behaviours we want the students to learn.
  • teaching all the expectations explicitly in class lessons.
  • providing planned opportunities for the students to practise the skills they have been taught and reinforce those they already know.
  • using social stories that are developed to reflect the successful experiences students have had rather than only reflecting on mistakes.