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Curriculum and activites

The staff at Cromehurst School base their curriculum and programming on the NSW Board of Studies syllabus documents, Life Skills documents and the NSW Quality Teaching Framework.

The staff offer a broad and enriched curriculum that provides access to a range of learning experiences that are both engaging and relevant to our students across the school.

The Primary Curriculum covers six Key Learning Areas (KLAs) - English, Mathematics, Personal Development Health & Physical Education, Creative and Performing Arts, Human Society and its Environment (HSIE) and Science & Technology.

The High School curriculum is based on the Life Skills courses and covers all mandatory Key Learning Areas – English, Mathematics, Personal Development, Health & Physical Education, Creative Arts, HSIE (Geography and History), Science, Technology and Language. The school also offers Work Education and Horticulture studies to complement the whole Horticulture and Food Technology emphasis.

When planning the curriculum for the diversity of needs and abilities of our students we consider the following factors as essential. The curriculum should:

  •  provide meaningful access to the KLAs through appropriate adaptations and supports
  •  be relevant to the individual needs and life of the student
  •  prepare students for lifelong learning and experiences
  •  encourage maximum participation and independence
  •  give students shared ownership and control over their learning
  •  provide experiences appropriate to the chronological age of the child
  •  be developed using the shared knowledge and understanding of parents/carers, teachers, paraprofessionals and other relevant stakeholders
  •  be implemented using a variety of strategies and resources and across a range of environments
  •  acknowledge our student's potential and as such hold high expectations of them and the staff facilitating these experiences.

To ensure that our curriculum caters appropriately and effectively for our students and that its development is based on strong home-school relationships we collaboratively develop Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Individual Transition Plans (ITPs) for our students. These plans are created in partnership with parents/carers where priority goals for the student are set, planned for, implemented, assessed and reviewed.