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One of the assets of our school is to have a hydrotherapy pool within the school grounds. All the classes at the school participate in swimming or hydrotherapy sessions on a weekly basis.

The students are given physical support according to their individual needs.

Many of our primary age students love their swimming sessions. Teachers sing songs to engage the students to move to the water with one on one support, while other students learn to bubble and kick under water, using big arms to paddle.

Our secondary students swim laps at our pool, getting in from the deep end, swim to the shallow end, get out of the water and swim again. We sometimes have races too! We cater to our student's needs individually - students who are more active and needs the physical activity will swim more than once per week while others participate as a weekly PDHPE program.

Our students who have higher support needs also engage in our hydrotherapy sessions. Occupational therapists and physiotherapists will occasionally attend these sessions to assist the students with movements in the pool. This helps our students relax and for some, to maintain their muscle tone.

Once every year, our school participates in a 2-week intensive swim scheme where students will swim every day for two weeks with specially trained instructors. Many students enjoy that and often shows great improvements after the sessions.