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Staff at Cromehurst School are trained in the SoSAFE! program and we are beginning to implement the concepts and strategies learned in our classrooms.

SoSAFE! Is an innovative approach to teaching social safety and sexuality education to people with intellectual disabilities. SoSAFE! Is a set of visual and conceptual tools, which are designed to promote social safety through:

  • A simplified and rule-governed model of social reality.
  • Teaching the type and degree of verbal and physical intimacy appropriate with different categories of people.
  • Teaching strategies for moving into relationships in a safe and measured manner.
  • Providing visual communication tools for reporting physical and sexual abuse.
  • Facilitating and maintaining support networks.

SoSAFE! has been designed to suit the learning characteristics of people with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. The resource uses a framework of highly familiar symbols, visual teaching tools and concepts for the instruction of social skills, social safety and sexuality education.

The SoSAFE! program uses a standardised framework of concepts, symbols and visual lesson materials to teach the type and degree of communicative and physical intimacy appropriate with different groups of people in an individual's life. The program also teaches strategies for moving into intimate relationships in a safe and measured manner. The standardised and integrated framework of SoSAFE! facilitates the consistency of instruction, terminology and materials; all of which are essential for the acquisition and maintenance of skills in people with a moderate to severe intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorder.