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Travel training

Travel training begins at Cromehurst with the youngest students and continues throughout their school life; with some students becoming independent travellers to and from school.

Our youngest students begin by learning to walk appropriately around the bike path in the primary playground. They learn to walk together and hold hands with a friend. They learn to follow instructions – especially "stop" and "wait". They learn to walk as a group in the community by walking around the school block and to the local shops.

By the time students progress to the oldest secondary class, many students become independent travellers to and from school. They access the community at least once a week and learn the appropriate way to walk on the footpath - keep to the left, look where they are going, look for moving cars at driveways and wait at the kerb.

They learn how to cross the road at pedestrian lights, pedestrian crossings and where there are no markings.

Students learn how to travel appropriately on the trains – sit quietly, place bags under feet, keep feet off the seat, move over for other passengers, hold on to the rails etc. They learn to purchase tickets from the ticket vending machines and at the ticket office.

Older students are shadowed in the local community and then from home to school by an adult, using the most appropriate form of travel – walking, train or bus.