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Innovative programs

There are a large number of programs used at Cromehurst to ensure your child receives the best possible learning opportunities. Our award-winning integration program run with Willoughby Public School has been designed specifically around the needs of our students.

For our senior students, the focus is on work and travel training programs to prepare them for the next steps in their learning. For more detailed information on any of the programs listed below please call the Principal, Christine Moulds on 9416 9281.


Pictorial Exchange Communication System (PECS) is used in classes to develop and extend student-initiated communication. Symbols are exchanged between the child and communication partner, allowing students to better express their wants and needs. All staff receive comprehensive training in the use of PECS to ensure that it is used effectively. Resulting in less student frustration and improved behaviour.


Our integration program with Willoughby Public School was established in 1996. The following year it was awarded the Director Generals Award for School Achievement. Participating primary students engage in a weekly 'buddy' program with age-appropriate peers from Willoughby. The program has been successful in developing student skills in communication, socialisation and an understanding and valuing of each other's skills and abilities.  Recently we have connected with Killara Public School where our Kindergarten classes have an opportunity to connect with students their own age. 

Travel Training

Travel training is highly regarded and supported at Cromehurst and the difference it makes in the lives of our students and their families is enormous. All students participate in travel training programs with the ultimate goal of travelling independently in the community. Cromehurst employs highly experienced staff to support students during later stages of the travel training process.

Work Experience

Work experience and work readiness play an important part in our secondary programs. At Cromehurst we provide students with opportunities to successfully participate in work experience, both in-school and out-of-school, meeting identified student needs as part of an individualised transition plan.

Art and Music

We value the Arts as they facilitate student self-expression and promote and develop important skills, such as self-confidence. We employ a specialist teacher to teach music and art programs. Highly skilled volunteers assist in the delivery of these programs. Our students' skills and endeavours are showcased in events such as our weekly assemblies and annual Christmas Concerts. We have been proud of our students' performances at Regional Awards evenings, the opening of Special Olympics events and the Variety Heart Awards at the Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.


Cromehurst has a heated pool which is used all year round. Students develop necessary skills in water safety and swim strokes according to their ability. Some students participate in a hydrotherapy program, advised by therapists. Cromehurst students challenge themselves in swimming carnivals against students from other schools, doing their best whilst engaging in a leisure activity which promotes a healthy lifestyle.


Staff receive yearly training in the use of Auslan based signing to supplement their verbal communication and provide greater understanding to students. Many of our students successfully learn and use signing, which is proven to encourage the development of spoken language.


Technology plays a growing role in everyday life and at Cromehurst this is no exception. Students are taught to use technology to increase their communication and provide themselves with greater access to information. As well learning to use iPads, students use desktop and laptop computers in their classrooms. Other technologies used include digital cameras, assistive technologies, and Interactive Whiteboards which can be found in each of our classrooms.