The profession of teaching necessarily brings teachers into close contact with children and young people. Effective teaching is based on warm, trusting, mutually respectful relationships between teachers and students.

With a growing awareness of child protection issues, parents and carers are increasingly vigilant. Having their behaviour under increased scrutiny is a professional challenge for teachers. An important role such as teaching carries with it expectations of the highest standards of care and protection for children and young people.

Processes are in place to ensure that the rights of the staff are respected and that procedures are fair in the investigation of any concerns raised about staff conduct towards students.

Child protection legislation and departmental policy and procedures provide a framework for professional relationships of teachers with students. Appropriate teacher behaviour needs to be responsive to the age of the student and the particular teaching context. The principal of your school or your supervisor will advise you of any local guidelines and you should not hesitate to raise any concerns with your supervisor or the principal.

For further information please visit the NSW Department of Education website by clicking on the following:

Child Protection Policy