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Rainbow class

We are pleased to welcome two new boys and their families to our class and school this term.  Stevie and Thomas are both happy, active boys and are a great addition to the class with Elyace, Shuaib and Mahi.

Well, we made the big move back to Lindfield and for Rainbow Class it was a fairly smooth transition. The boys were initially overwhelmed by all the space in the playground and the classroom, but being little boys they have taken it in stride and are making the school their own.  We walk up and down the stairs to our class in a single line holding on to the rail which is a wonderful opportunity to teach moving about our new school together and being safe.  The boys each have definite favourite activities at the new setting with Shuaib being ecstatic with the pool and is now impatient for Thursdays and swimming time. Stevie and Thomas are the first ones on the bikes during recess and have a great time playing together in the big playground.  Elyace enjoys exploring the room and all the different learning areas and can usually be found near the musical instruments. Mahi will be back this week and I am sure he will have fun exploring the school. As for Nimali and I, we love being back at our school and the big new class with the great learning spaces is a pleasure to work in.  A definite winner for Rainbow Class!